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Carrasco Pain Institute

Specialist in the Treatment of Pain

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) / Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)

Click HERE to watch our Show on CRPS, "No Time for Tears"

What Is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Many patients suffer from a debilitating condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type I (formerly known as RSD) and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type II (formerly known as Causalgia). Type I refers to cases that do not involve nerve injuries. Type II involves nerve damage.

This condition can result from various causes such as a sprain, strain, laceration (cut), fracture, burn, crush injury, surgery and even from the repetitive use of an extremity (arm or leg). The exact cause is usually not known, but what is certain is the involved extremity is usually cool, sensitive (to touch), swollen, cyanotic (blue or purple) and very painful to use. There may be extreme sensitivity to movement of the joint, temperature changes, and excessive sweating. The disease can resolve on its own or advance through all III stages, leaving the patient limited with an inability to partially or totally use the involved extremity. Treatment of CRPS/RSD Early recognition and treatment of this condition is essential for full and functional recovery. A variety of treatments are available for CRPS. The initial treatment options may include medication therapy, nerve blocks, physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, biofeedback, sympathetic blocks, and neuroltyic blocks. Later treatment may include spinal cord stimulation or drug administration systems. Dr. Carrasco has extensive experience and training in the treatment of this condition. Treatments Available for CRPS/RSD at The Carrasco Pain Institute: Therapeutic Injections/Treatment