Dr. Carrasco

Arnulfo T. Carrasco, MD Creator of Dr Carrasco Pain Cream

Dr. Arnulfo T. Carrasco M.D. trained at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland Ohio. He has specialized in the treatment of acute and chronic pain at the Carrasco Pain Institute, in San Antonio, Texas for over 30 years. He treats patients, athletes and workers in San Antonio, across Texas, the United States and Mexico.

Three years ago Dr. Carrasco suffered an injured and developed severe pain and refused to take prescription pain killers. After not finding relief with popular over the counter pain relieving creams, roll-ons and ointments, he worked with Chemists and Pharmacists to formulate the Dr. Carrasco Pain Cream.

The pain cream works through counter-irritant effects and includes a proprietary mixture of 17 natural ingredients, including the active ingredients of Menthol, Camphor, Yerba Buena, Arnica and Aloe Vera.