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Incorporate Dr. Carrasco Pain Cream into your business to see your company grow and help the community.

  • Ensure your customers are buying a BETTER and SAFER Pain Relief product.
  • Made with ingredients you know and trust.
  • Every ingredient has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.
  • Increase traffic, sales, repeat sales to your store.
  • Increased traffic allows you to sell other prescriptions, products or services.
  • Join Dr. Carrasco’s Pain Project to “Help Stop the Pain” – join our mission here.
  • Join Dr. Carrasco’s Pain Project to “Adopt a Person in Pain” – join our mission here.

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Join our network of independent pharmacies, grocery stores, businesses, doctor’s offices, fitness centers and more! Find out why they love the Dr. Carrasco Pain Cream Wholesale Partner Program.

“All my customers love The Dr. Carrasco Pain Cream.  My wife even started using it and tells everyone she knows about it.  It really helps her a lot.”

PharmacistM.R., PharmD

“A todos mis clientes les encanta la crema para el dolor del Dr. Carrasco. Mi esposa incluso comenzó a usarla y se lo cuenta a todos los que conoce. Realmente la ayuda mucho.”

FarmacéuticaM.R., PharmD

“I recommend the Dr. Carrasco Pain Cream to anyone coming in looking for a knee brace or who has any type of pain, and they always come back for more.  It sells so much that we added it to our other pharmacy.  The marketing of this product is unbelievable.”

Pharmacy ManagerL. Ramos

“Recomiendo la crema para el dolor del Dr. Carrasco a cualquiera que venga en busca de una rodillera o que tenga algún tipo de dolor y siempre vuelven por más. Se vende tanto que lo agregamos a nuestra otra farmacia. La comercialización de este producto es increíble.”

Gerente de FarmaciaL. Ramos

“There has never been another company that promotes their products like you do for the Dr. Carrasco Pain Cream.  The TV promotion has been great for our pharmacy.  I have people come in all the time asking for it by name.”

PharmacistMartha M., PharmD

“Nunca ha habido otra empresa que promocione sus productos como usted lo hace con la crema para el dolor del Dr. Carrasco. La promoción televisiva ha sido excelente para nuestra farmacia. Hay personas que vienen todo el tiempo preguntándome por su nombre.”

FarmacéuticaMartha M., PharmD

“The Dr. Carrasco Pain Cream flies off the shelf, in our pharmacy it outsells Biofreeze by 8 times.”

Pharmacy ManagerHerbert M.

“La crema para el dolor Dr. Carrasco sale volando del estante, en nuestra farmacia se vende más que Biofreeze por 8 veces.”

Gerente de FarmaciaHerbert M.